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Social Proof


Believe it or not, the amount of likes given to a post act as proof of popularity and become almost like a review. More likes and comments lets people viewing your profile know that what you posted or are offering is popular. Without social proof, people might ask themselves why they would take the time to follow and like you if other people aren’t either.

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Rank on Hashtags


Instagram looks at engagement on posts to determine if they are popular enough to make a “Top Post” for hashtags you use. Once you’re up there, impressions and likes roll in as people browse through popular hashtags like the ones you are using. PRO TIP: Always use hashtags when you post!

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Get Discovered


Whether you’re a brand needing a boost to grow your audience and sales, a photographer with amazing content or simply someone who wants to grow their profile faster.. Likes Genius was made for you. More engagement will trend your posts, and when used with Hashtags can get you on the popular pages. Time to get discovered.


The Ultimate Solution

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Take your profile engagement to the next level and get more value from your influence!

With more engagement you will see faster profile growth, more brands wanting you to promote their products and you can charge more for your influence. Likes Genius will supercharge your profile and get it to the next level.



Ever wonder how people are able to grow their profiles so quickly and become so popular?

When posts “trend” they show up on their friends feeds first, but also show up on explore pages and rank the top of hashtags. These things get posts more exposure and more people are drawn to their profile. With Likes Genius you can grow your profile too! If that isn’t what you are after, just enjoy the benefits of more popularity.



In today’s social media internet age, it is proven that consumers will buy the product with more reviews or likes than the same product with less.

Potential customers want to buy products that are In-Demand and popular! They want to buy the right product from the right store, and “Social Proof” helps them make the buying decision. Likes Genius not only helps supercharge profile growth and increases brand exposure, it adds “Social Proof” to your posts. This proof gives your potential customers more of a reason to choose you over a competitor. Start Trending!


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Features at a glance

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Likes Genius is the only service that provides real likes and actually boosts your upload.

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Upload like normal, and the Likes Genius system detects your new photo or video within seconds

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As a customer of Likes Genius, we give you free Video Views on all uploads. Cheers!

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We send a different amount of likes to every new upload to maintain a natural look. We send an extra 10-20% likes free.

Likes at your speed


Your Likes Genius dashboard lets you easily adjust how fast your likes come in over time.

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Our primary goal is your happiness. Contact us any time, we are available 24 hours a day.

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30 Day Money Back

If at any time you are unsatisfied within the first 30 days, we will refund you 100%.

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Cancel any time, for any reason. If you aren’t satisfied within 30 days, contact us for a full refund.

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Frequently asked questions

No we do not, your account login information will never be asked for. All that is required is your Username.
You can easily change your username in your dashboard every 36 hours. We update our system by the minute.
Once you start service, you can be assured our service will run in the background each and every time you make a new post. Relax and let us do the work!
In order for our system to detect a new upload, we need your account to be off private. Having your account off private will also allow your pictures to trend better on explore and popular pages. If you want to keep your profile private, you must make your account Public while your new post is getting likes from our community. Once the engagement is complete you can set your profile back to private.
Each time you upload a new post, we show it to our network of users in real time. They have opted in to our network and can decide to like your photo until the number of likes requested is filled.
Shoot us a contact form message, and we can share with you our other services mostly reserved for marketing agencies.
We have never seen anyone get banned or disabled from our service. It is completely safe and complies with Instagram’s terms of service.
The standard amount of posts each day is 3, and you can increase this at any time by using the credits we give you when you create your account.
If for any reason Likes Genius doesn't live up to your expectations, or maybe you just want to keep your money -- really, it doesn't matter why -- just let us know at any time in the first 30 days.
We make cancelling easy. No contracts. No questions. No fine print. No forms to fill out. You can also cancel on your MyAccount page or by contacting us to let us know.
Yes, we have a network of people who would love to follow you and interact with your profile. Send us a contact form message to get more information.